Asteriks authentication through extension

Dec 8, 2016 at 8:38 AM
I want to make a call from one extension to another extension.

   const string DEV_HOST = "";
   const int ASTERISK_PORT = 5038;
    const string ASTERISK_HOST = "xxx-xxx-xx-xx";
    const string ASTERISK_LOGINNAME = "xxxx";
    const string ASTERISK_LOGINPWD = "xxxx";

    const string ORIGINATE_CONTEXT = "default";
    const string ORIGINATE_CHANNEL = "SIP/103";
    //const string ORIGINATE_EXTRA_CHANNEL = "SIP/101";
    //const string ORIGINATE_EXTRA_EXTEN = "101";
    const string ORIGINATE_EXTEN = "102";
    const string ORIGINATE_CALLERID = "102";
    const int ORIGINATE_TIMEOUT = 300000;
1- I don't want to connect through manager , I directly want to connect through the extension and its secret, just like the other application do, they only want (IP,extension,secret) through TLS.

2-Also when i make a call through manager the call generated but it hang up after some time when i received the call . I didn't get any voice from the receiving end and also my voice is not reaching the destination extension.