Aster.NET library consists of a set of C# classes that allow you to easily build .NET applications that interact with an Asterisk PBX Server (1.4/1.6/1.8)

AsterNET is made up of two key components, FastAGI and Manager Interface. Each allows you to interact with Asterisk in different ways. FastAGI allows you to control the flow of a call from another machine (a dedicated AGI server for example) and Manager Interface allows you to obtain state information and interact with Asterisk.

More information can be found I the documentation section on both methods.

AsterNET on IRC
Join in the conversation on Freenode, #asternet

AsterNET on nuget
You can now get AsterNET via nuget by doing
PM> Install-Package AsterNET

GIT Repo
Yes, we've moved to a GIT repo so now you can fork AsterNET and push back your changes! We're hoping this will allow many more to contribute to the project.

The AGI Gallery
We want the community to share as much as possible, so if you've written an AGI that is either commercial or general purpose, then why not list if on This site has been setup to allow developers to share their creations, open or closed source.

You can read about AsterNET and related projects at my blog I'll post about AsterNET and related subjects as well as samples I'm working on. Feel free to check it out. Or follow me on twitter (@benjmerrills) to get involved.

AsterNET is a fork of Asterisk.NET. Now we've reached release status and AsterNET version 1.0.0 we feel this is a good separation point from the original project.

There are 2 reasons I have renamed it to AsterNET on codeplex. Asterisk .NET was taken. It will help separate the project from the original codeplex project- in case the guys come back. And keep AsterNET as the new revived project. So it will stop confusing links on search engines, and sharing.

Additional information about the original projecte can be found here: Project Home.

Special Thanks
Zapappi Cloud Telepyhony RESharper
We'd like to thank JetBrains for our community licenses of ReShaper. A very useful tool that's helping us to refactor the code and improve general development much quicker. If you'd like to try it yourself, visit

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