Transfering a Call

Feb 12, 2015 at 3:36 PM
Hello All,

I am working with Elastix 2.5 and Asternet. Everything seems to be going well except transferring a call.

Is it possible to have it so that a call comes in to a person on extension 200
Then they place that person on hold and transfer the call to extension 205 or they dont put them on hold and just transfer them to 205.

I have tried teh following code with no luck.

When the code runs it does nothing. All my other stuff works fine. Perhaps something with AGI?

I can originate calls no problem. I dont see anything when i run asterisk -vvvvr
         RedirectAction o = new RedirectAction();
            o.Channel = "SIP/200";

            o.Context = "from-internal";  
            o.Exten = "201";

            o.Priority = 1;