Timeout exception occurs while using GetVarAction

Oct 30, 2014 at 1:27 PM

I am working on a Desktop application on which I used AsterNet. I use Framework 4.5 as I need some latest Libraries. I used latest Dll from this project. Its version is I have also read
https://asternet.codeplex.com/discussions/570341 discussion as it related to time out. But it could not resolve my issue.

Following is my code block. SendAction always gives a time out error. I have used this under "NewStateEvent" of ManagerConnection class.

GetVarAction gvr = new GetVarAction();
gvr.Channel = e.Channel;
gvr.Variable = "extension";
ManagerResponse objmgrresponse = astCon.SendAction(gvr,100000);

I have changed timeout value to 1 min to 15 min but each time it return the Timeout Exception.
I have checked the login status and all other required stuff. Everything working fine.

Also let meknow if we can get other variables such as INDNID , caller details etc.